Friday, June 10, 2011

The No Brainer Diet

Beginning April 1...yes, April Fool's Day, I started the Dukan diet. I've tried just about every one there is....some worked well, but were too restrictive, some left me just plain hungry! The Dukan diet, so far, is a perfect match for me AND there is a two step program to help you lose the pounds and a two step program to help you retrain your body to keep it off. That's been a problem in the past, too. Lose the weight, gain it back PLUS 10 pounds! Not good.

To date, I've lost 25 pounds -Yea, me!

Basically, you eat all you want of lean protein and vegetables, low fat milk products like skim milk, yogurt and cottage cheese, eggs and oat bran. Not that oat bran cereal that you find in stores... real oat bran. Oddly, I couldn't find it here so I ordered it from Amazon. Now, it's expensive there! I did find it at VitaCost much cheaper.

Honestly, if you are hungry on this diet, it's your own fault. Of course, you will have cravings if you are a sugar and carb person, but it's a DIET for heavens sake.

To help me, 'cause I'm a chocoholic, I buy Pure Protein favorites are the Chewy Chocolate Chip and the S'mores from either Target or WalMart or Oh, Yeah! bars from the Vitamin Shoppe. I love the Vanilla, peanut butter and chocolate mint wafers. One of those and a diet Coke around 3 PM and you are quite satisfied.

I bought the book and read it first, then I got my "stuff" together and started. I recommend you do the same if you'd like to try it.

*** Update: As of today, 6/14/2011, no more blood pressure meds! Yea, me! Thank you, Dr Dukan!

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