Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Paintin' My Picture...

This morning, I see the post on the RR Members about the updated schedule for the Specialty. It stated that "the judge" decided to have stud dog and brood bitch after BOB on Friday AND that I would take an hour lunch before the BOB finals.

For the record, I do not have the authority to set the schedule. That is what the SHOW COMMITTEE does, not the judge.

They did ask me what I though they should do about the overload on Thursday and I did SUGGEST moving the property classes after BOB. That's what we always did in the past. Apparently, they are worried people would leave.... er, so what?? Only the diehards and those shopping for bloodlines like to watch that anyway, so why do we care if the day trippers leave??

They want to keep the spectators and build the suspense, so the waiting to judge the finals of BOB was their idea. Okay.... but don't paint me as the dictator!

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